Karthik Raja
I’m Karthik.
I am a constant analyzer, a logical problem solver, a curious explorer, of all things. I believe in the pursuit of knowledge, of science, of understanding how this beautiful world works, and to understand it, you have to see it. I am originally from India but after having spent a considerable part of my childhood in Jamaica, my college years in India and Pennsylvania and my professional life in Chicago, I consider myself a Jamerdian.
I can’t call a specific place home, but that in turn has made me realize that every part of this world is indeed beautiful. That led me to creating the brand #BeautifulWorld. I have always had a creative side, blogging from the first days of the internet, running college newspapers, writing opinion columns, and over the last 15 years, pursuing photography. Telling Travel Stories through Pictures. My aim is to showcase the beautiful world, make people want to travel, to explore and see for themselves the diversity, the uniqueness and yet, the commonality between it all. My galleries are travel journals of cities, of parks, of natural wonders and cultural and human accomplishments.
In my photography,  I hope to capture the beauty of a place through a series of photos that tell its story.